*Our 90's (and Gus) come equipped with 1 rooftop tent, all other 110's with 2 rooftop tents.
*Please note: All our vehicles are manual transmission with the exceptions of The Judge and Bernie*
*Our tents fold off either the side or front/back - setups depend on truck

D90 RyanF.jpg

Edmund is a manual/stick-shift puma 2-seater diesel Defender 90


Happy is a manual/stick-shift Td5 5-seater diesel Defender 110

SAMU6273 (1).jpg

The Judge is an automatic 5-seater 300tdi diesel 110 


The Deuce is a manual/stick-shift 2-seater ld28 diesel 90


Manny is a manual/stick-shift 5-seater Td5 diesel Defender 110


Gus is a manual/stick-shift 2-seater V8 petrol 110 

Woodhill 110.JPG

The Big Kahuna is a manual/stick shift 5-seater 300tdi Defender 110


Pedro is a manual/stick shift 5-seater 200tdi 110

Bernie is an automatic 5-seater V8 Defender 110. He will come with 2 rooftop tents (and is currently being prepared)


Bluey is a manual/stick-shift Td5 2-seater diesel Defender 90 (being prepared... will come with a rooftop tent)